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Best LaserDisc Player for capturing?


Currently in the market to replace my old CLD-980, which is a standard model at best. My budget isn’t strict, as I preferably want the best that I can get, but I’m not sure if I want to shell out $2k for an X0 just yet.

Currently on my radar:

Can anyone speak for or against any of these models? Should I just bite the bullet and go for the X0? My main prefernce is a model that a 3D comb filter, DNR, and S-Video out (seems to be common amongst all these anyways). I don’t need MUSE or AC-3 out, just want something that can deliver a better picture than what I’m getting from my standard machine.

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I own two: the UK Pioneer CLD-D925 that I use for the sheer convenience of watching PAL/NTSC LD’s without having to turn the sides manually and as a bonus, for capturing digital audio, as it has a TOSLink interface. Going on the recommendations of Silverwook and from browsing the forums, I also imported an industrial NTSC only Pioneer LD-V4400. It’s built like a tank (and looks like one!) and although it lacks the fancy consumer features of the D925, the picture quality is far superior, with far less dot crawl and noise. This is what I use for capturing the video signal from my discs.

Some good information here:

Recent captures…

*The Hunger Games HDTV 1080p (UK theatrical alternate version: not on Blu-ray)


If you can afford an X0, go for it. NOW! 😄

If you can grab instead an X9, I think it’s the best of the bunch, better than HLD-1000; then S9.

S1 was a reference player (can’t say if it’s better than the previous models), but if you can find an S2/X1, it should be a lot better, though.

I’d go to the LDDB forum and ask for help, there are many experts that could help you.

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