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Battlestar Galactica Pilot in Sensurround!


So there’s now a very nice HD version of the original Battlestar Galactica movie on Blu-Ray with the 1.1 Sensurround track. Unfortunately, the very booming LFE track was not ported over to the full-length pilot movie as it appeared in the series Box Set. It’s rather anemic in comparison. Additionally, the video on the widescreen version of the pilot in the set appears to simply be zoomed in from the 1.33:1 master resulting in lots of aliasing and other issues. There’s also the dreaded teal tint.

So what I’m planning to attempt is this:

Replace the LFE on the pilot’s 5.1 soundtrack with the LFE from Sensurround version where applicable.
Utilize the superior video of the movie version of the film, splicing in sections cut out from the widescreen pilot disk.
For the segments from the widescreen tealified version, use Dr. Dre’s color match tool to hopefully get a close approximation of the original film’s color.

I’ll probably do the Sensurround version for the non-widescreen edition of the pilot too as that won’t require any video work.

Any interest?