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Batman & Robin Redacted (Released)


I’ve been told this movie is unsalvageble, but by darn I’ll give it a go.

Having watched samples of member Canon Editor’s work on Batman Forever, I’ve been thinking of doing something with this instalment, the “worst crime in cinematic history”. Very few attempts have been made at it. The best effort, “DeAssified”, cut a lot of corners and used fades-to-black and crossfades to get the job done, but I’m not going to be that cruel/bold to it. I’m simply going to scale back what doesn’t work. It might still be bad, but I aim to make it tolerable to watch.

I put in the DVD, and it’s actually a lot better than I remember…but then, I was only paying attention to the bits that linger the strongest in my memory.

I decided the best thing to do was to focus a lot on the trust issues between Bruce and Dick, make that the story, and try to subdue the Poison Ivy influence on Grayson…it’s still there, but it’s more subtle. The issues are the trust dilemma.

Gone is the opening scene in the museum, we start the film in media res, with Bruce and Dick escaping the missile and pursuing Freeze in the air.

Poison Ivy and Bane’s origins are ignored entirely, and she makes her first appearance at the observatory.

The movie also has a post-credit sequence…after scouring the movie for one I could use, it came down to an obvious choice and a less obvious one. Just to be different, I chose the less obvious one. I ran it by members and they told me it worked.

Wish me luck on the rest