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Batman V Superman: League of Justice (Idea/Potential WIP, Spoilers For ZSJL)


Zack Snyder’s Justice League has a lot of sequel bait set up in it, it includes an extended Knightmare sequence with Jared Leto’s Joker, and supplies Ray Fisher and Aquaman with significantly more backstory. I got to thinking…suppose Snyder went a step further with Batman v Superman, and used it to set up much more than just a tentpole Wonder Woman franchise and the main villain of Justice League?

We could extend the sequences of S.T.A.R labs studying the Kryptonian ship while connecting it to the mystery of the motherboxes, we could see the ‘bell being wrung’ when Clark lets out his primal scream, we could see Cyborg listen in to the death rattle, or see him learn more about himself. Basically, all the backstory that would otherwise have been lost in a theatrical Justice League cut could be deposited here.

Instead of the footage Diana observes on her laptop, replace it with shots from the Snyder cut of the future League members doing small favours for the community, Flash saves Iris, Cyborg helps the woman out with the cash dispenser, Arthur can be the only one who’s still a part of the CCTV footage as he attacks, if you like.

And you can even have just a bit more of Lois Lane mourning Clark’s loss, visiting his memorial each day, and bonding with ‘Martha Manhunter’

And the Knightmare sequence can be altered to end on Superman cornering the remaining League members, Joker, and Batman, with Bruce waking up in the Batcave and the film carrying on as normal.

I’d actually end Batman v Superman with Martian Manhunter’s visit here, it fits much better, and him warning Bruce of an impending invasion segues perfectly into what would now be a more streamlined action-packed theatrical Justice League cut