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Back to the Future/Fast and Furious Project


Hi some of you might have seen my Jaws Dub movie (So far i have up to 1/3 and 2/3 uploaded. 3/3 is coming out soon).

But my next project after Jaws is Back to the Future! I'm still working on BTTF but to build up some excitement I wanted to share a clip or two to show you what I'm doing. (Still a work in progress)

These clips that i will be uploading are of me recording my computer screen. But for the final release I'll upload the movie directly from the PC

Part 1 of 4

UPDATE 12-15-2012
Part 2 of 4

UPDATE 1-13-2013
Part 3 of 4

UPDATE 1-26-2013
Part 4 of 4

Check them out. Hope you guys enjoy them.

I make funny clean ReDub/Edits of movies


bttfbrasilfan said:
LOL, amazing! Wainting to see the final result.

cool. yea movie is coming along pretty good. more clips soon to come. right now Im trying to figure out what Lorraine is going to call Marty.

so far ive recorded her saying his name is Ralph because "when you were sleeping u said Ralph is the coolest ninja turtle Ralph your name?"

or Im thinking that he was dreaming about star wars and he was talking about Yoda so Lorraine will ask if Yoda is his name (instead of the whole kelvin name like the real movie

I make funny clean ReDub/Edits of movies