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Babylon 5 Project: The entire series edited into 22 movies (Released)


A while back I finished my Babylon 5 edit of the entire series. I love the series but I wanted to put together an edit that which removes plot threads that go nowhere, fix a few inconsistencies, and removed the stories that don’t add to the major arc stories.

I’ve put together a series of 22 films that tell the entire Babylon 5 story while removing all of the filler. In some cases, this means just stitching three episodes together in sequence while in other cases, I’ve modified story elements and rearranged some things. In the case of Babylon Squared / War Without End, I’ve removed some of the inconsistencies to create a more seamless story, even adding more of B-Squared back into WWE.

My edit works for long time fans and newcomers. A few people have told me they couldn’t get into the series before and this helped them get into it.


  • Babylon 5 Project I: Dawn of the Third Age
  • Babylon 5 Project II: Signs and Portents

These two films condense most of season one into about 4 hours. Talia’s role has been minimized throughout.


  • Babylon 5 Project III: Moments of Revelation
  • Babylon 5 Project IV: The Coming of Shadows
  • Babylon 5 Project V: The Long, Twilight Struggle
  • Babylon 5 Project VI: The Fall of Night

Season two is a bit odd in that it includes both the season finale of season 1 and season premiere of season 3. In both cases it has to do with new characters who are more slowly introduced in these edits.


  • Babylon 5 Project VII: Point of No Return
  • Babylon 5 Project VIII: Severed Dreams
  • Babylon 5 Project IX: Interludes and Examinations
  • Babylon 5 Project X: War Without End
  • Babylon 5 Project XI: No Hiding Place
  • Babylon 5 Project XII: In the Shadow of Z’ha’dum

This is the season where the series really begins to shine. As such, there aren’t as many changes here as there were in previous seasons. Films 7 and 9 are where most of the condensing of episodes happen.


  • Babylon 5 Project XIII: The Summoning
  • Babylon 5 Project XIV: Into the Fire
  • Babylon 5 Project XV: Lines of Communication
  • Babylon 5 Project XVI: Moments of Transition
  • Babylon 5 Project XVII: No Surrender No Retreat
  • Babylon 5 Project XVIII: Endgame

Like season three, there wasn’t very much to change here. The only real truncating of several episodes happens in film 15 and only two episodes are removed entirely.


  • Babylon 5 Project XIX: A Tragedy of Telepaths
  • Babylon 5 Project XX: Darkness Ascending
  • Babylon 5 Project XXI: The Wheel of Fire
  • Babylon 5 Project XXII: Sleeping in Light

The first half of season 5 was really slow and the whole story arc of 11 episodes was truncated into a single 2.5 hour film. The series finale features a time jump so I used that to bookend the film version.

How Much Has Been Cut?
I’ve cut about 45% out of the series entirely with a large amount coming from the first two seasons. If you want to get into some specific numbers, here’s what has been cut:

  • Season 1: 60% removed
  • Season 2: 52% removed
  • Season 3: 29% removed
  • Season 4: 17% removed
  • Season 5: 31% removed

I’m interested in this. Did you do anything with the TV movies? Do you recommend them as part of your take on the series?


skyled said:

I’m interested in this. Did you do anything with the TV movies? Do you recommend them as part of your take on the series?

I used a bit from In the Beginning for films 1, 3, and 18 as framing devices… probably 10 minutes in total? There’s no reason you couldn’t watch the films with this (and I guess The Gathering might be required viewing just to introduce Lyta) along with a few episodes that were cut out completely, honestly, it’s up to you.

I did edit this to be completely self contained but I haven’t radically changed the story so you can expand it in any way you like.