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Authoring DE AVCHD's to Blu Ray in Encore CS6


Hi all,
Fairly new to all of this burning films malarkey, so trying to get my head around it. I have all of the latest DE’s in AVCHD form and I am currently designing some menus (will have background music) for each film.
Here is the question I have;
I will be doing the project in Adobe Encore CS6. Does anyone know if I can use the .iso images of ESB V2.0 and ROTJ V2.5 (SW V2.7 AVCHD isn’t an .iso image) in Encore, or will I have to use mounting software (is that what it’s called??) to open the .iso images up and extract the source material that way?
Any pointers would be great.
My brother has the computer with Adobe CC on but he has no experience with Encore, hence why I am asking. He also lives a long way from me, so I need the files that I can use to take with me to be perfect when I go to his to author them, and put my project together.
I hope this makes sense.
I hope someone can help.