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Attack of the Clones - TDS Regrade


ATTACK OF THE CLONES is already a hard movie to sit through by nature, but that doesn’t mean it can’t look nice!

Utilizing a 1:1 Blu-ray rip of the 2002 film, I’ve started regrading the entire film to look less like digital, and fix the inherent color issues present in the 2011 Blu-ray. I’ve adjusted highlight values as well as the hue rotation to make something much more visually appealing.

Take a look at the comparison link below and let me know what you think. To quote Lucas himself, “I may have gone too far in a couple places”… only in terms of correction!

Regraded in Sony Vegas Pro 14.



“That said, there is nothing wrong with mocking prequel lovers and belittling their bad taste.” - Alderaan, 2017

MGGA (Make GOUT Great Again):


Very interested. How far along is this?

The Empire did things wrong


Interested. While I don’t know if you ever “released” it, I applied the settings you described in your thread on regarding the OT to the blurays and it looks great.

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