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Anyone working on a new LOTR "book" edit?


I’m generally a fan of the Jackson’s trilogy and aside from a few awkward or un-Tolkien-esque moments, I don’t think it needs nearly as much fixing as the Star Wars Prequels or Sequels do. I like Sharkey (Hal9000) “purist” and Kerr’s “book” edits, but don’t go back to them often because they are 720p or lower quality.

Wondering if anyone has done a more recent, 1080p or higher quality edit. The kinds of changes I’m hoping for:
Martin Freeman finding the ring instead of Ian Holm
No Bilbo looking for the ring
No Arwen with knife to Aragorn’s throat.
Less Saruman but keep the Uruk Hai introduction
Fixing the “Sam stays underwater for too long” shot.

Ents don’t initially decide not to go to war
No Wargs and Aragorn’s fake death
No Elves at Helms Deep
No “squirrel droppings” or “nervous system”.
Frodo doesn’t offer ring to Nazgul

No drinking game and less crude humor.
Frodo doesn’t send Sam home
Gandalf’s staff not broken
Army of the Dead reduced and color-corrected
Mouth of Sauron stays but not decapitated