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Anybody willing to list every foreign dub?


Due to how many films Star Wars has, and how many revisions there are, I’d like to see which dubs were made using what versions and when. While resources like this thread and this TVTropes page provide some information, but it isn’t organized in a way that I’d like. Would anybody be willing to reorganize the information into the following categories? (Due to the various changes, including in the case of Episode 4 the inclusion of some of the added 1977 35mm Mono lines (if not alternate takes), some alternate takes of its own, some added scenes as well as the fact that 20 years have passed since the original came out in theaters, Special Edition mixes will be labeled completely separately from pre-SE mixes (despecialization of SE mixes to sync to the original releases don’t count). This rule will also go for the two other movies in the original trilogy.)

Star Wars Episode 1:
-1999 Theatrical
-2001 DVD/HDTV (some shots removed, some shots added)
-2011 Blu-Ray (same length as DVD/HDTV. Minor audio changes, most notably the replacement of “Vote Now” with what the Star Wars wiki calls “a general uproar”)

Star Wars Episode 2:
-2002 35mm Theatrical (Has it being the basis of any dubs been confirmed? Is this what the English DTS is synced to?)
-2002 Digital Theatrical (May or may not be identical to the 2002 DVD/HDTV. Is this what the English DTS is synced to?)
-2002 IMAX Theatrical (Probably not used for a foreign language dub at all, but I could be wrong. Removed several scenes for time reasons)
-2002 DVD/HDTV (Unlike with The Phantom Menace, where the VHS and Laserdisc releases used the theatrical cut as well as some tv broadcasts, this was the only version released on VHS and may have been the only version shown on TV before 2011)
-2011 Blu-Ray (same length as DVD/HDTV, but rearranges some scenes for no apparent reason. This negatively affects the music placement, but it’s possible that some dubs “fixed” the placement to match the rearranging of the scenes)

Star Wars Episode 3:
As far as I know, there aren’t any time changes in any of the versions of this film.
-2005 Theatrical AND DVD/HDTV (There are some minor differences between the Theatrical and the DVD/HDTV masters, but nothing that affects the sound)
-2011 Blu-Ray (Minor audio changes, most notably the addition of some clone trooper dialogue during Obi-Wan’s fight with Grevious)

Star Wars Episode 4:
-1977 70mm Surround Sound AND 1977 35mm Stereo sound (Apparently almost identical in content according to the Star Wars Wikia. May have been used for some dubs)
-1977 35mm Mono Sound (The “final” mix before 1986. Was used as the source for several foreign dubs. Had several changes and additions)
-1985 Sound (Had C-3PO’s tractor beam lines from the Mono mix, but otherwise similar to the 35mm Stereo mix in content)
-1993 Sound (Produced for the Definitive Collection Laserdiscs. Similar in content to the 70mm Surround mix but added several sound effects. Most of the additions of the 1977 Mono mix are not present)

Star Wars Episode 4 Special Edition:
-1997 Special Edition (Although some non-English releases reused elements from pre-SE mixes, notably the German dub apparently, many regions restarted from scratch starting here. Had several changes compared to the original)
-2004 Special Edition (Identical in length. Unlike with Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi, where the elements of the 97SE sound mixes were reused, the 2004 SE got a new audio mix… which sucked. Notable for restoring the “yes” in Han Solo’s line “Yes, I’ll bet you have.” The sounds of the lasers coming out of the guns in the Han and Greedo scene have changed to match the visual change in the scene. For some reason, some music playing during the attack on the Death Star was muted briefly. The call Obi-Wan makes to scare the sand people has changed.
-2011 Special Edition (It would’ve been idential in length to the 1997 and 2004 Special Editions if it wasn’t for the removal of at least a dozen frames in the Han vs Greedo sequence. Still based on the bad 2004 audio mix, but some of its most egregious problems have been fixed, including muted music. Obi-Wan’s call has been changed again.

Star Wars Episode 5:
-1981 70mm sound (Had a few differences from the 35mm release)
-1981 35mm sound (The main mix until 1993, though the 1993 mix isn’t nearly as notable in its changes as in the case of Episode 4)
-1981(?) 16mm sound (Somewhat rare, probably not used for anything)

Star Wars Episode 5 Special Edition:
-1997 Special Edition (Some additional shots, the inexplicable inclusion of the Emperor’s yell from Return of the Jedi when Luke rejects Vader’s offer.)
-2004 Special Edition (Audio mix wise, Episode 5 has the biggest change in SE variations compared to the other two films, mainly because the scene with the Emperor hologram was replaced and extended. On the bright side, the ROTJ yell was removed)
-2011 Special Edition (Same length as 2004 Special Edition. Audio mix changes are so minor they’re probably not worth mentioning.

Star Wars Episode 6:
There apparerntly aren’t any major differences between any of the audio mixes pre-SE.

Star Wars Episode 6 Special Edition:
-1997 Special Edition (Lapti Nek is inexplicably replaced with a cringeworthy CGI sequence. I hope you like looking inside peoples mouths! The other major change is at the end, where Yub Nub is replaced with different music and a sequence was added involving planets celebrating the fall of the Empire.)
-2004 Special Edition (The Victory Celebration montage has an additional scene showing Naboo. Otherwise there weren’t really any notable changes from an audio perspective.)
-2011 Special Edition (Same length as 2004 Special Edition, but the audio mix has the cringeworthy addition of Vador shouting “No!” right before grabbing the Emperor.)

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