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Any edits of Harry Potter 5-7?


I like the first four Harry Potter movies, but find the second half of the series really dull. I’m pretty sure David Yates is to blame. The films lack the whimsiness and fun of the first few films. I get that it’s supposed to gradually get darker as the films go on, but this is too “YA” to my liking. Splitting 7 was a terrible idea. They should’ve recast Crabbe instead of replacing him (it’s just one scene, so we don’t have to see him too clearly).

Now there are also a few problems with the series in general. Why is Dobby abscent in films 4-6, despite being there in the books? How am I supposed to care when he dies? Film Hermione suffers from the Legolas effect, with Ron as Gimli. No one important except Cedric Diggory comes from Hufflepuff while Slytherin seems one-dimensionally evil. And so many plotholes from poor worldbuilding (timeturner, liquid luck, putting students in deadly competitions, etc.). Back to my bit about the films getting darker, did they have to get darker so early on? The moment Chris Columbus wasn’t involved, it felt much less lighthearted. Couldn’t the dark tone have waited until Voldemort’s return?

In case you’re wondering I haven’t read the books. Any edits to recommend?