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Antinatalism (The Tree of Life) (Released)


What is life? Is it desireable? Is imposing life moral? These are questions that are being explored in this short documentary. It starts with the beginning of the universe and ends in our modern times. It explores how life functions, what its tools are and how it applies to humans.


  • Footage from The Tree of Life

  • Added Narrator who explains the Antinatalist Argument

  • Complete New Soundtrack

  • 24 Minute runtime (credits excluded)

The documentary is edited to fit the narration. Therefore most of the original film is cut.


  • Creation of the Universe (Atoms -> Matter -> Planets - > Earth - > DNA molecule -> Dinosaurs -> Humans)

  • Baby Stages of Humans (interaction with environment, sensations, comfort, discomfort)

  • Adolesence (hunger vs. fear, senses, memory, learning, language)

  • Adult Life (desire, sex, social groups, politics)

  • Modern Life (humans as vessels of DNA molecule, life is competition, asking the antinatalist question)



Send me a PM to get the Download-Link.