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Another drop in the ocean of prequels rewritings.


Just like the title says, I want to suggest my own prequels rewriting. I know this has been done many times so maybe this is pointless but I like to discuss ideas and maybe I can bring a couple new things to the debate.

For a long time I tried to completely rewrite the prequels and completely disregard the movies. But recently, after some thinking, I came to the conclusion that I was more satisfied with taking the Lucas’ Prequels, just change and fix the things that I don’t like, and keep the main story from the movies as much as I can, because after all, it’s mostly Lucas’ creation and I want to respect that. So the main things I change are inconsistencies with the Original Trilogy, which is what has always bothered me the most with the prequels.

Here are a few ideas:
-Anakin is older in Episode I, something between 14 and 20 years old (the reason: when Obi-Wan talks about him in the OT he doesn’t say how old Anakin was when he met him, but we don’t get the sense that he was a child);

-Anakin has a younger brother: Owen, so when he leaves to become a Jedi, he has to say goodbye to not only his mother, but also his younger brother, and promises them he will come back to free them. I kind of want to keep the Chosen One thing, because I actually like it, so Anakin still doesn’t have a father, and Owen’s dad is a Lars, which explains why they don’t have the same name. They are all slaves. In Episode II when he comes back to Tatooine, basically the same thing has happened as in the movie: Shmi, father Lars, and Owen were freed and went to live on the farm. There could be scenes where the brothers catch up with each other, and when Anakin has to leave once again (to save Obi-Wan) Owen finds it hard to accept. Which confirm what Obi-Wan says in Star Wars about Owen not wanting Luke’s father to follow Obi-Wan (the reason: Owen’s relationship with Anakin is almost non-existent in the prequels compared to what we were led to believe in the OT).

-Naboo is Alderaan (the reason: as most people, I think it’s an obvious change, and we would get to see a bit of what this planet looks like, and be more emotionally involved when it gets blown up in Star Wars);

-No Qui-Gonn, as much as I like Liam Neeson and the character, it should be Obi-Wan who does the things Qui-Gonn does in the movie. Maybe keep the character as Obi-Wan’s former master, who is still Obi-Wan’s advisor and mentor and supports him in his decision to train Anakin. You could see him in a few scenes at the Jedi Council and he could still take part in the final battle and die against Darth Maul (the reason: no mention of him in the OT);

-Anakin is not C-3PO’s maker (the reason: it’s just stupid);

-No flying R2 (the reason: same as above);

-No midichlorians (the reason: same as above);

-Obi-Wan learns that Anakin and Padmé are together in Episode III, and keeps the secret even if he disapproves. Anakin tells Obi-Wan that he’d like his child to have his lightsaber one day (the reason: “Your father wanted you to have this.”);

-In Episode III, Anakin/Darth Vader doesn’t kill Younglings, he hunts down the surviving Jedi of Order 66 who regrouped on Mustafar and kills them. The separatists leaders die on Utapau. See my thread I made earlier: (the reason: Obi-Wan tells Luke that Darth Vader hunted the Jedi down);

-Padmé doesn’t die of a broken heart, she just dies because of the injuries Anakin inflicted on her, she just has enough remaining strength to give birth to Luke and Leia.

I think with all of these changes, most inconsistencies are fixed, except Leia remembering her mother, but I don’t want to change the time of Padmé’s death, I like it as it is.

Add to that a few other changes like no Jar Jar Binks (or keep the character but make him less ugly and annoying), less weird dialogues (especially the romance scenes), more friendship between Anakin and Obi-Wan in Episode II (something as simple as a hug from time to time, something that never happens in the prequels).
The main story from the prequels still stays basically the same, but I think these changes makes the story better, and the overall saga more cohesive as a whole.

I’ll post if I have more ideas, in the meantime you can also contribute!
Thank you for reading.