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Anakin´s RAGE

First of all, sorry for my english(I´m from Argentina). Now, I´m new here, so can someone
explainme the projects that involve changing the "backstreetboylike" Anakin with
the old one...because I was recolecting media from the vhs and laserdisc
releases to do it on my own, but now I know Im not alone
So, i wana reinsert the sebastian ghost in the rotj dvd release (the other ROTJ changes
didnt bother me) and re-encode it (i´m thinking in buying a 160gb hd to work with
uncompresed frames).
I need media on this troublesome minute.


2004 People. Yep.

“I punch, therefore I am” -René Descartes

I have a butch of Fan edit projects in my mind, i just need to upgrade and stuff.