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An alternative and radical idea to rewrite the Sequel Trilogy


My idea is very simple: making the Sequels work within the old EU. In order to do this, it will be necessary to cut off a great part of the EU itself. So, everything in the old EU that happens before Luke and Mara’s wedding will still exist, but everything that comes after the Star Wars: Union comics that portray their wedding is deleted and replaced with something new. So, no Yuuzhan Vong, no Darth Caedus, no Abeloth, etc.

Instead of having a Sequel Trilogy, we’ll have a Sequel Hexology. This Hexology will have the episodic title, just like the main Saga, but it will have a different title and will start with a new Episode I. The title I was thinking of is the same as the EU novel series, that Is, The New Jedi Order. So, we would have The New Jedi Order: Episode I, II, III, etc., until Episode VI, to create a new Star Wars Saga and distinguish it from Anakin’s Saga. The protagonist of the new Saga will be the son of Luke and Mara, Ben Skywalker, born a year after the wedding of his parents. The new Saga is set 24 years after the events of the Union comics, so Ben will have more or less the same age as Anakin in the Prequels. The co-protagonists will be the three Solo kids (Anakin, Jacen and Jaina), while Han, Luke, Mara and Leia will play the role of the old, wise mentors.

The plot? Very simple.

The former Jedi A’Sharad Hett fell to the Dark Side after surviving the Jedi purge and took refuge on an Outer Rim planet called Exegol. Once on the planet, he enslaved the inhabitants, creating a technologically very advanced and militaristic civilization. In addition, he gathered all the Force-sensitive aliens of the planet and created a Dark Side cult based on his persona. The members of this Dark Side cult are known as the Knights of Exegol, wich are not Sith at all, they’re just Dark Side users, like Disney’s Knights of Ren. During the years when the Empire was at the height of its power, he ruled Exegol and built an immense military fleet, preparing for a massive invasion of the rest of the Galaxy. As with all Dark Side users, the Dark Side itself turned him into a greedy person who wants mor and more power for himself, which is why he wants to invade the rest of the Galaxy to create his own personal Empire.

Obviously at some point he will invade the Galaxy and start a new war, so the heroes will be forced to fight this new enemy. The New Republic and the Imperial Remnent, who have been living together in a peaceful Cold War for the past twenty years, will be forced to join forces to fight the new enemy. At one point Ben Skywalker will be tempted by the Dark Side, but his father and the ghosts of the old Jedi, including his grandfather, will prevent this from happening. At the end of the Saga the threat will be defeated and both the New Republic and the Imperial Remnent will realize that it’s much better to work together, so the Galactic Federation will be created, which will unite the two governments.

However, I believe that at least one of the 6 films should serve as a prologue and basis for establishing the state of the Galaxy. So, I think the war should start with Episode II. Episode I should be like The Phantom Menace, that is, a film that serves to establish the state of the Galaxy and the Jedi Order, and present the characters as accurately as possible for all those who haven’t read the books and the comics, so it must be about a marginal conflict involving the characters and let us get to know them. Then, from Episode II to Episode VI there will be the actual war.

For now, this is all I have in mind. As I said many times, I’m not very good at writing stories, I’m definitely better with the worldbuilding. My specialty is having ideas, but I’m never good at turning them into an actual story. So, if someone is interested in this idea and wants to develop it, he’s welcome.

«This is where the fun begins!»
(Anakin Skywalker)