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An Ideas Thread: for giving the original Jurassic Park Trilogy a story arc...


As it stands, the movies aren’t so much a trilogy as a successful movie who’s standalone sequels just so happened to stop at two. Now I like the movies just the way they are, but I’d like to try giving them a unifying arc. The question is how. Any suggestions are appreciated. Remember this isn’t about fixing the films if you didn’t like them. It’s about unifying them under one story arc. Less Indiana Jones and more Star Wars, if that helps. Here’s what I came up with:

  • Give the three movies the names Exposition, Evolution, and Extinction. Though I came up with all these titles myself, I have seen others propose the latter two as names for the JW sequels. Honestly I’m shocked they went with Fallen Kingdom instead of Evolution. Exposition isn’t great, but it fits with the others.

  • Make Dodgson the overarching villain.

  • Add Dr. Grant to part II. It’s always bugs me that he wasn’t in it, since I feel like he’s the main character. I’d like to remedy that, though I’m worried it won’t be feasible.

  • Turn Eric Kirby into an older Tim Murphy.

  • Add John Hammond to part III.

*All three movies take place on the same island (Isla Nublar). In the second book, a second island was necessary because the first book ended with Isla Nublar being napalmed. Since that didn’t happen in the first movie, I don’t see the need to change locations.