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All AVCHD discs won't work on my Samsung UHD player


Hello everyone! So I’ve been trying to complete my collection of fan restorations for Star Wars and have run into a problem. All discs I made into avchd from mkv files won’t play on my Samsung UHD player at all.

It’ll show a blank screen for a split second than go back to the menu, the discs play perfectly fine on my ps3/4 and my old Blu ray player I pulled out of storage. However this only happens when I made the disc using the program multiAVCHD.

I burned a copy of SSE 1.6 which came burn ready with a BD folder and that plays fine on the Samsung so I’m guessing there’s a problem with the avchd process. Does anyone have any suggestions for a better Blu Ray authoring process? I tried using the IMTOO program but I noticed a significant loss in quality but maybe I have the settings wrong?

Anyways thanks for reading!