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Alien: Vast Ships of Fools (a Prometheus & Covenant 2-in-1) (Released)


The purpose of this edit is not only to streamline both runtimes of Prometheus & Alien: Covenant, greatly reducing some of the most heavy-handed moments and overused franchise tropes of each, but also to show a more gradual villainous turn for David 8 as well make the mode of infection in Prometheus more apparently a direct consequence of certain characters’ foolish, against-protocol behaviors rather than a result of sinister black goo meddling.

The exact modes of infection, by the way, are now implied to be both airborne and by the black goo from the urns in Prometheus and later illustrated in the airborne exposure sequence in Covenant. Also the only Engineer to show up throughout this cut is the lone survivor from the climax of Prometheus. So no panspermia scenes in Prometheus and no Engineer bombing scene in Covenant.

A workprint is complete
Runtime is 3hrs
File size is 20gb

(cut list is coming soon)


cut list & alterations: Prometheus
-the film now opens with Alien: Covenant’s intro
-cut the engineer black goo ritual/panspermia scene
-cut the archaeological dig site scene with Shaw & Charlie
-cut most of Shaw’s dream but left in an abstract clip from this sequence to show that David 8 is eavesdropping on Shaw’s dreams (David confesses what he’s learned much later on)
-completely cut tropey mess hall scene
-completely cut briefing with Weyland’s hologram appearance, since the purpose of the mission is reiterated in later dialogue and the themes that this scene bullet points are better shown and said elsewhere
-cut Christmas tree scene
-merged the first and second outings to the engineer temple, for so many reasons
-Added deleted scene of Milbourne discovering a benign wormlike alien lifeform
-cut all references to Fiefield and Milbourne being lost and alone in the temple & deleted most scenes that occur aboard the Prometheus at this time, especially sandstorm/weather/time of day references
-following the demise of Milbourne, recut a brief scene of Janek ordering chance to leave with him on a rescue mission to the engineer temple, as well as scenes showing the back of a rover and truck heading towards the temple
-removed sandstorm sequence so that this outing ends with Charlie being evac’d and then eventually getting BBQ’d at the Prometheus’ front door
-removed all scenes of the engineer head being analyzed
-removed Charlie and Shaw’s sex scene and conversation about children
-removed Vickers and Janek’s booty call scene
-removed David 8 bagging an urn, bringing urn back aboard the Prometheus, and creating a black goo cocktail, mode of infection is ambiguous, likely a direct result of foolishly taking off helmets on an alien planet
-added the deleted mutated Fiefield attack scene
-added deleted Shaw vs Engineer fight
-cut chest-burster scene

cut list & alterations: Covenant
-cut aprox. the 1st 22min of Covenant since it’s tropey and better left implied than shown
-film now begins with Tennessee repairing the ship’s golden sail
-cut bombing of engineer civilization, to leave their extinction mysterious/ambiguous, and to make the lone survivor seen in Prometheus more of an anomaly
-cut Walter questioning David 8 about the bombing of the planet
-added split-screen end-credits


Hi (formerly user orchidal here) I also have compressed my original 20gb file to under 2gb for those curious but w/out the room/interest in downloading such a large file. PM for inquiries.