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Akira (1988) "everything but the kitchen sink" — Page 2


Sorry, I never saw your response to my PM.

Had a chance to check this out and holy moly, what an edit.

Thank you for all the effort you put into it. I was extremely disappointed with the 4k so this will be my go-to for any viewing of this masterpiece going forward.


Yes I hope BuccoBruce can return soon. In the past it would have taken me a week to download this so I didn’t ask for a link before. His project really sounds like an ideal multilingual preservation of all the best audio sources. Even without the video portion it would be great to have an archive of all the unique mixes that aren’t screwed up in mastering or authoring etc. Although more modern crappy mixes deserve to be preserved too, even if they’re on currently available media. Because one day they won’t be.

Look at [listen to] Dirty Harry, where the mono audio is just panned all around for the stereo mix. Maybe there’s a good copy of the mono or a tasteful modern surround mix, but all those shitty mixes should be preserved for posterity (infamy?) as well.

Anyway Akira especially seems to have such a crazy history of being remixed on almost every edition just like the OT. And many of those mixes (i.e. the original hypersonic mix in 24 bit) not available internationally. Not to mention all the obscure dubs people may be interested in, etc etc.

Didn’t know there are like 5 different subtitle translations but it’s not surprising. For example are there many languages where Star Wars (1977) has so many translations?

Anyway, BuccoBruce, come back soon! 😃