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Ahsoka re-write


Okay, I couldn’t help myself. I re-wrote Ahsoka, attempting to take the broad storyline and characters and remake it into a more cohesive and logical narrative. Without getting too spoilery, an overview of the effort looks like this:

  1. The biggest change is that Thrawn and Ezra are trapped in the Unknown Regions rather than some other galaxy, and I’ve got a story mechanism to make that work. Also, there is very little Dathomiri lore here. No zombies, although Marrok remains some sort of weird wraith. His part in the story is fairly small, and he meets a similar fate. Morgan Elbseth’s Nightsister powers are related to the dark side of the Force, rather than ‘magic.’

  2. The ‘map mc’guffin’ is worked over so it actually makes sense, and is tied in to the old Jedi Temple on Lothal rather than some Dathomiri ruin. Wait, what? The temple is destroyed? Well, we’ll just see about that. 😉 Also, the map itself is a Rakatan artifact rather than Dathomiri.

  3. The Lothal temple angle smooths over the WBW stuff as well, which I’ve worked in despite not caring much for it in the series. Actually, in this case, I think it works better than Ahsoka’s weird, underwater NDE- it happens as part of a shared temple experience with Ahsoka, Jacen, and Sabine, more along the lines of what Kanan and Ezra experienced during the course of Rebels, and it’s all tied to getting the map key.

  4. The matter of Sabine’s past Jedi training with Ahsoka gets fair treatment as well, so Sabine doesn’t suddenly pop as a ‘magic Jedi’. This will make a LOT more sense almost from the beginning. It also has the side benefit of offering an explanation as to Ahsoka’s whereabouts and activities during the OT. Readers may be surprised to see how Sabine’s arc wraps here.

  5. Baylan Skoll and Shin Hati’s storylines are expanded, more of their background explained, and their character arcs completed by the ending. There is a redemption story here in the finest SW tradition- something I wasn’t planning but it sort of wrote itself as I went along.

  6. Thrawn is not treated like a 6 year old Checkers player. His part in this story is actually fairly minor, but when he hits, he hits hard. Likewise, the New Republic government doesn’t behave like a pack of complete idiots. Admiral Ackbar is the only ‘official’ who makes an appearance.

This story is MUCH more Rebels Season V than the show, and Zeb is included from the beginning. Jacen Syndulla is also given a relevant part to play, without it being OTT. Hera’s role is expanded and much more in line with her characterization in Rebels. Moreover, she is FAR more concerned about her son being placed in dangerous situations than was shown in the show. The work is novella length, around 84,000 words, written in a regular third person narrative format versus a script. I’ve written this as a sort of canon-legends hybrid, but that part is fairly transparent- you won’t really notice it until the end. This is a self-contained story that technically serves as a lead-in to Zahn’s “Heir to the Empire”, so it is not open ended. All story threads and character arcs resolve by the end.

This is a mediafire link to the story’s pdf file: https://www.mediafire.com/file/d4o8sha9x6pj0dt/Ahsoka.pdf/file

If anyone has a problem with the link, give me a yell. Like other fan efforts here, comments and feedback are welcome. Enjoy!