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After 2 yrs of editing I'm done on my SW fan edits. All 9 films - who wants to watch!?


I posted this in the wrong section before (thanks to those that pointed that out)

I’m finally done all 9 films. THIS is Star Wars as it should be. No loose ends, no silly jarjarness, no “I taught so and so” when they didn’t etc etc… Everything is answered, no need to watch clone wars or rebels (even though YOU SHOULD lol)

George Lucas is a genius and visionary - he just needed someone to reign him in. Everything was filmed, every piece he need - he just put it together wrong. The only movie I couldn’t fix or save was The Clone Wars (it will always be junk but hopefully now it’s more entertaining and informative).

The only changes in the whole story I made were splicing two clone wars episodes into The Clone Wars movie (to answer WHO is Syfo Dias, who is Lord Taranus (we know but in the FILMS the characters don’t) and Order 66. I also changed how Yoda got to Degobah (I hated the clone wars episodes regarding this). Now he speaks with Qui Gon before Obi Wan arrives with Padme and the Droids and TELLS HIM to go to Degobah…then at the end of the film Yoda meets with Qui-Gon on Degobah and he leads him to the CAVE… Also changed Jar Jar language to hindi, added 90% of the deleted footage back into Ep II and removed the Endor Battle from ‘Jedi’.

Hopefully you all enjoy this - I’ve worked hard on the STORY of Star Wars (tightening it up). Also, I added proper SW crawls to all films.

Anyone who wants the links (they’re dvd quality not blu ray, best I can do unless I transferred the HUGE copies to someone’s HD directly), just PM me please.

May the schwartz be with you all!!

All 9 films, with individual links… (PM me)

Episode I - The Phantom Menace 1hr 59mins
Episode II - Shroud of the Darkside 2hrs 2 mins
Episode II.5 - The Clone Wars 1hr 55mins
Episode III - Revenge of the Sith 2hrs 7 mins
Episode III.5 - Rogue One 2hrs
Episode IV - A New Hope 2hrs
Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back 2hrs
Episode VI - Return of the Jedi 2hrs 2 mins
Episode VIII - The Force Awakens 2hrs 3 mins


One last thing, I regard these more as blueprints than fan edits. I believe the entire saga should re-edited and this is how I would do it. If I only I had access to the original footage…

I consider my edits ‘blueprints’…not fan edits. They represent what could have been… 😉