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Andor Trilogy

After absolutely loving the Andor series My plan was to edit it into a movie trilogy faster paced yet keeping the amazing Plot/storylines intact! I kinda wanted to make revisiting the series less of a long slog of a process so what I have done is split it into three main storylines that run just like a Star Wars movie trilogy.

So this is briefly how things pan out….

Movie one: The Heist! (Available to Download)

  1. Lucas film logo and then straight into cassian’s childhood! from the ship crash landing right up to being found and then taken by maarva and klem .
  2. Andor title card, then straight to the planet ferrix, introducing the droid Bee.
  3. Very Brief introductions to all main characters on ferrix. Andor is clearly worried about being found for a crime he has committed.
  4. Intro to luthen arriving.
  5. Corpos arrive at ferrix to arrest Andor, first intro to Syril Karn. shoot out and escape.
  6. On to the planet Aldhani and meeting Vel, Intro to mon mothma and luthen as a antiques dealer
  7. Andor gets briefed on the mission, has bags checked by Skeen then they make there way to imperial base
  8. Skeen threatens Andor after kyber Crystal is discovered.
  9. The natives arrive, imperial officer introductions, the plan is set.
  10. Heist is played out escape off world death of skeen and imperials panic on coruscant, first intro of Dedra! She will play a bigger roll in movie 2.
  11. Luthen finds out the plan had worked and laughs with relief.
  12. Credits roll.

Movie Two: Prison Break! (Available to Download)

  1. Lucas film logo straight into Andor title card.
  2. Begins on coruscant, the imperials meet to discuss aldhani heist.
  3. Andor back at ferrix trying to convince maarva to leave and start a new life.
  4. Syril karn taken in for questioning.
  5. Mon meets with Tay Kolma to discuss funding the rebellion
  6. Andor arrested and sentenced to six years imprisonment
  7. Introductions to kino, Melshi, old guy etc
  8. Luthen travels to meet saw guerrera
  9. The empire starting to piece together Andors involvement in the heist thanks to dedra
  10. Bix is captured and taken in for interogration (slightly toned down)
  11. Old guy has a stroke, Kano decides to help Andor with the escape plan
  12. The plan starts ramping up
  13. Escape begins
  14. Luthen speaks with imperial spy
  15. Prisoners escape
  16. Credits roll

Movie Three: the Rebellion (Available to Download )

  1. Added in a couple of scenes from episode 9 and 10 just an introduction to Syril karns mother and a few scenes with mon mothma including the proposal.
  2. Move into episode 11 after these brief scenes and it’s pretty much the entire episode.
  3. Transitions from episode 11 straight into episode 12 and again entire episode plays out.
  4. The Death Star scene is moved back so we now see it before the end credits begin.
  5. Rogue one music for end credits.

Used soundtrack for smooth transitions,
Movies one and two hit around the 2 hour mark and movie three around 1 hour 40 mins so all easy to watch as an average film.
1080p full HD
AC3 5.1 channels
Large file size for quality


This sounds pretty good. I would be interested in watching these!


I’m just in the process of fixing part 3 as after a re- watch I’ve noticed a couple of glitches in the picture quality of one or two scenes! Should be ready very soon


Sorry for the delay in sharing my trilogy edits, I’ve been busy tweaking parts 2 and 3 as I was not entirely happy with a few things and wanted to make sure I’m completely satisfied with the final versions, both are now complete! I’m just in the process of encoding and then will upload on to goodie drive so I think I will be able to share the entire trilogy within the next couple of days.


The whole concept looks so interesting!
Thanks for your effort, I would like a link of this~~


Hey there Gang!

I have also uploaded this to the organ site 😄

Word to the Spookies!

“My skill are no longer as Mad as the once were” RiK


As a life long Star Wars fan, I love watching things differently. I love Andor…but I am curious as to how it would translate as a trilogy of movies. Would definitely like a link if possible.


This sounds amazing. I would love a link!