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A prequel based on this one idea (AN EXERCISE)


Hey guys. Some time ago, there was this old magazine article from 1980, “CLONE WARS EXPLAINED,” which was making guesses for the PT and used to be on the old Star Wars: Lost Episodes website. In the article, it had a young Darth Vader, who was his own character, as a slave until Obi-Wan Kenobi frees him and takes him aboard his ship, with a young Anakin Skywalker. You can find the article here:

As weird and bizarre as this idea may seem, it has given me some ideas for a PT rewrite, and I would like to see if anyone can make their own PT, which stems from this: Vader is a clone/slave rescued by Obi-Wan and brought aboard to meet Anakin. Your PT can use elements from the old EU, the movies, and/or even the Disney canon, and you can decide your main cast, how the PT is handled, etc. This doesn’t have to be scripted or a fully written novel, but it can be, if you want it to. This is just an exercise to see what you can come up with immediately.

For me, I want to keep it similar to what is given by Timothy Zahn, as some of us already do. Here, the PT would take place between 42 BBY - 35 BBY. This would hide the OT spoilers and leaving it open to what exactly happens between this PT and OT, yet give enough hints for the audience to make their own guesses. The bad guys would be the Clonemasters through and through, and our heroes would include Anakin (serving the Luke role as he grows as a Jedi), Obi-Wan (the Jedi Knight and idealistic veteran, akin to Leia), Vader (who is serves in the semi-R2 role as a defective clone who is mainly experiencing this PT through his own eyes), and others I don’t have at the moment. Our heroes would use a Consular-class ship (the red ship you see at the beginning of TPM) as their Falcon. Installments would include this:

EP 1: The Clone Wars (42 BBY) - “Obi-Wan and Anakin find Vader, a defective clone disregarded by the Clonemasters, and the two train him as a Jedi and have him find the Clonemaster’s HQ, where he was grown.”

EP 2: End of the Old Republic (40 BBY) - “Corruption and greed eat away at the Republic, while Jedi are dying in the war against the Clonemasters. One last attempt has the Jedi go up against the enemy and bringing a deadly blow, but it is a pyrrhic victory as the Jedi’s HQ is destroyed, and the Empire rises.”

EP 3: The Dark Times (35 BBY) - “As the Jedi are hunted by a dark presence, our heroes come together for one last time to bring down the Clonemasters. In the end, Vader is left for dead, and Anakin hands Obi-Wan his saber, ignoring his master’s warning on the Dark Side.”

So what do you think? Any improvements needed? Based on the article at the top, what would your PT be? What would you want to do differently? I would like to hear what you guys have in mind.

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