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A Visions style tale +Bonus Script as a Sequel to Rise of Skywalker.


ok here is my script for a Visions episode that would flesh out characters we see briefly in The Force Awakens during the destruction of the Hosnian Prime. It also features several Bridge crews from Starships that serve the New Republic and attempt to save the Hosnian People.

Here is the ideas I put together after hearing peoples complaints about the sequel films and the rise of skywalker, so i thought why not make it a better trilogy by creating a film script that stitches together a dozen or more different central complaints, and fixing it in a sensible story that is what happened, from a certain point of view. and we see several different points of view in it, including an adventure briefly by R2 and C3PO while they are on their own.

And lastly one bonus script, that is sort of a “Legends” story that tries to make a film borrowing from the pre-disney eu and creates a story for Luke and Han where they have to save their kids and avenge Leia.

ahh I welcome all criticism whether positive or negative is fine, I always try to improve so anything even remotely helpful even if its critical is welcome. Anything purely insulting… well what am I going to do to stop it or keep it from happening? Not much I can do. Hopefully people find elements of the stories they like, and feel free to spread the stories I guess in case you know anyone who wants to read it, If anythings good enough to get me a job someday writing short stories for disney or even tv show episodes for lucas film. well that is the dream I suppose. is my email please dont sign me up for spam? I really do just want to become a writer someday to make people happy with stories they enjoy and can have a good time watching. If they grow from the stories or find something important all the better.