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A Special Announcement from CamSMurph!


Hey guys. It’s me again. I’ve come to give an announcement regarding my Batman Forever re-edit.

Now, recently I’ve joined the SuperHeroHype Forums, and following a suggestion from a fellow user on the forums named “Dark Raven”, I’ve come to a conclusion.

Batman Forever: Bigger, Battier and Better is now…

Forever Noir!

Now, what are the specs behind this marvellous change, you ask?

Well, basically it’s the same intention as Bigger, Battier and Better, only in a Logan Noir-styled fashion.

The source material will be presented entirely in black and white for that convincing ‘period’ feel. Plus, I will be mixing Hans Zimmer’s score from The Dark Knight and Batman v Superman with the original soundtrack by Elliot Goldenthal.

Now go here to the forum on the SHH site for a look at my new, revised cutlist: