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A Song of Ice and Fire (Game of Thrones standalone film) (Completed - then lost)




This is my first fanedit I’ve ever released! This edit is meant to be a single 2 hour, 55 minute long film covering the main plot of Game of Thrones (from Seasons 7 and 8). Major changes were made to the story (especially the final season).


  1. The film’s story solely focuses on Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow. Hence the title: A Song of Ice (Jon) and Fire (Daenerys). This edit only covers parts of Seasons 7 and 8, and serves as a stand-alone film. Scenes that do not concern the plots of Jon and Daenerys are totally removed.

EXAMPLE: This means that plots such as those of Theon Greyjoy and Jorah Mormont are cut. Jorah and Theon still appear, but scenes such as Jorah’s return are not shown. Jorah is just assumed to be an ally of Daenerys who has been at Dragonstone the whole time; his return is not included because (in the context of this standalone film) we know nothing about his Greyscale plot. Theon and Jorah’s deaths are not shown during the Battle of Winterfell; they are simply presumed to have been killed by White Walkers during the Battle. See point 11 for explanation of the following change: Jorah is only shown falling to the ground (since he isn’t protecting Daenerys when he dies). Daenerys finds his body and mourns him after she kills the Night King.

  1. The film begins with a series of opening texts, explaining the backstory and current situation of Westeros.

  2. The first scene is the meeting of Jon and Daenerys from Season 7: Episode 3.

  3. Unnecessary “Mad Queen” Daenerys scenes are removed, such as “Spoils of War” and “The Burning of the Tarlys”. All future references to these events are cut from the film, making them completely unnecessary to the plot.

  4. Most of the mission to capture the White Walker is skipped, except for the ending where Daenerys arrives. Here’s how I structured that episode:

We see the group going beyond the Wall.
Daenerys and Tyrion have a chat about the succession.
We then cut to Gendry telling Davos to send a raven.
Daenerys decides to leave on her dragon to go save Jon and the others.
We cut to an action scene (the one where Daenerys arrives to save them).

So, most of that episode has been heavily abridged.

  1. Uncle Benjen (Coldhands) does not save Jon Snow from the White Walkers. We simply see Jon climbing out of the lake. I don’t let the camera focus on Jon riding a horse to the Wall——it just looks like he’s walking.

  2. The Dragonpit meeting is abridged, removing plots like the Mountain and the Hound, Theon and Euron, Tyrion privately speaking to Cersei, and everything before the heroes arrive at the Dragonpit.

  3. No Bran narration over Jon and Daenerys sex scene. Jon’s true identity is first revealed when he tells Daenerys.

  4. King’s Landing is destroyed and Cersei is killed by Night King before the events of the Battle of Winterfell (scene edit borrowed from This means that the events of Season 8: Episodes 4, 5, & 6 never happen in this edit. Daenerys does not go mad.

  5. Melisandre’s appearance at the Battle of Winterfell is explained through a flashback of her conversation with Daenerys at Dragonstone. This scene reveals that Melisandre is the one who first suggested the meeting between Jon and Daenerys. (The flashback has a “dreamy” filter on it, to show it as a flashback).

  6. Daenerys kills the Night King by burning him with Drogon, instead of Arya stabbing him. This makes much more sense for this edit, as Arya’s character is never developed or focused on during the film. The burning of the Night King is also foreshadowed at the meeting where our heroes plan the Battle of Winterfell. Arya asks whether Dragonfire will stop the Night King, and Bran says he doesn’t know—no one’s ever tried. This scene sets up Daenerys and Drogon as the ones who will destroy the Night King.

  7. After the Battle of Winterfell, the funeral for the fallen heroes is held (from Season 8, Episode 4—the only scene I included from that episode). Once this scene ends, a text card explains that Daenerys and Jon subsequently flew down to the ruined King’s Landing on their dragons. We then cut to the scene of Daenerys approaching and touching the Iron Throne.

  8. The “Daenerys and Jon in the Throne Room” scene is drastically shortened. After Daenerys finishes her story about what she imagined the Iron Throne being as a child, she approaches Jon with a look of realization in her eyes. She realizes she truly loves him (even though he’s her nephew and has a better claim to the throne) and wants to rule with him. The “Be With Me” scene happens, and the film fades out and ends with Jon and Daenerys kissing. Jon does not stab Daenerys.

  9. After the final scene, a text card appears. It reveals that Jon and Daenerys get married and rule Westeros together. Their reign brings a peace that lasts for thousands of years. That text card fades away, and one appears that simply reads “THE END”.

This “happy ending” does sort of go against the tone of the show and it’s other seasons, but those were not included, and this edit just serves as a stand-alone fantasy film.

Please PM me if you would like to view this edit! I put it together in iMovie, so the picture quality can be low sometimes——but it still looks okay, I think.
(And yes, I have purchased and own all eight seasons.)


Sounds great bro… Can u plz send me a link 2 u r fanedit bro?


Hello, Can you please send me a link for MP?


PLEASE send a link if possible - THANKS - Syd


I just wanted to let everyone know that this edit is no longer available. It was accidentally deleted from my MEGA account and I have no way to restore it.


Can you pm me please
So I can see your edit