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A Palpatine-less Edit of The Rise of Skywalker (Released) — Page 7


May I please have a link to this edit. I like the idea of showing a new fan-editor some love and also, I love the idea here. I too really, REALLY didn’t care for the inclusion of Palpatine and while ultimately I liked the original movie, I felt it was really hurt by so many poor decisions so this sounds up my alley.


Hey, could I have a link to this edit? Sounds awesome, and very excited to see it, if I can!


Can I have link to the newest version? 😊


This. sounds. Amazing. Can i have a link please?


Can I have link to the newest version please? This edit sounds really promising


Hi there, I’d love a link to this fan edit if possible? It sounds like exactly what I’m looking for! Thank you for all your hard work, Joshuabri.


Could I please get a link to this re-cut? Seems to be so many good decisions on how to tell a story that actually makes sense, and I can’t wait to see it!


Could I get a link to this recut too? I am really interested by the changes you presented. I am also not a fan of Palpatine`s return and your cut seems to make much more sense


After reading your cutlist, this edit sounds impressive. I’d like a link to see if it’s most impressive, please. 😉


Saw this a few days ago & found it to be a very admirable attempt to remove Palpatine from the equation. While I’m not sure how it’ll hold up on repeated viewings, I find it pretty novel that Rey’s storyline is separate from the Resistance storyline at the end if only for making Finn’s heroism stand out more. With that said, there were a few bugs I had with the edit:

-There’s a lot of spacing within the crawl that feels off

-Not starting the movie with Mustafar exacerbates the breakneck pacing of the theatrical cut.

-I can still hear Palpatine lauging at one point where we’re on Exegol

-The quick fades to white between the movie & the fanfilm feels weird to see in a Star Wars movie. Have you experimented with just cutting from one scene to another. There’s also noticeable music cuts between the fan film & the movie

-When Rey says “I’m starting to think it’s impossible,” I hear a noticeable audio cut, as well as a sudden shift in music around that time

-Intersting note to hear Kylo & Vader telling Rey to join them

-I hear Poe saying the “S” sound of “Somehow, Palpatine has returned”

-Could you cut Maz saying “if we want to stop him…” in the scene where the Resistance learns of the Star Destroyers? I know she’s referring to Kylo, but Kylo’s name hasn’t been mentioned in that scene.

-Rey telling Poe “You were right before.” That dialogue was deleted, so this makes no sense.

-Music cuts when the Falcon leaves the planet, as well as when Kylo force slams that one general in his meeting room. I know it was to cut the mention of Palpatine, but it sticks out.

-Not sure how to feel about the Knights of Ren being here. You probably can’t remove them completely, but at least keeping them silent reduces their presence. Maybe even remove mention of them being the Knights of Ren?

-Not sure why the scene of Hux talking with Pryde about their capture (Chewie), when you could just cut that scene out and not lose anything

-The cuts trimming Poe’s "everything would’ve been for nothing’ speech sticks out.

-I hate Zori’s line about splattering Poe’s brains on the snow. I’m not someone who rags about “this doesn’t feel like Star Wars,” but apart from that, muting the line allows the film to breath more. Her pointing a gun at Poe is enough.

-On one hand, I like removing mention of Poe being a spice runner, but now the scene fills too quiet without Finn going “get your spice” for such a long camera shot

-Poe & Zori’s talk on the balcony just ends suddenly

-Thanks for trimming down the mind trick of the two Stormtroopers

-Hux saying “we don’t have much time” is cut away from too quickly

-Weird audio mixing for Kylo when he tells Rey “You SENT down THE ship.” I’m also not sure why he tells her his mother was Vader’s daughter if there’s no Palpatine for genetics to play a role in this cut.

-Kylo sensing his mom & Leia dying feels random. It should go from Rey leaving with the Falcon -> Leia lying down & “dying” -> Kylo sensing her “death.” You can get around the potential plot hole of that sequencing (“Kylo knows his mom’s dead but not Rey?”) by holding off on the shot of people gathered around at her deathbed until Finn & Poe get back. Also, weird soundmixing when Leia goes “fInD pOe…”

-When Poe asks Finn if he knows who Rey is, cutting Finn’s response just feels awkward.

-Awkward soundmixing strikes again, this time from Poe. “Finn, we GOTta GOooo…it’s leia…”

-Surprised you didn’t overdub a sad R2 noise upon learning 3PO lost his memory.

-Thanks for keeping the horse on the Star Destroyer.

-Audiomixing again. “You wanted to prove to my mother that your a Jedi but SHE’s gone…”

-Cutting off Duel of the Fates, even temporarily, feels wrong? The fight in full should play out more

-Love cutting Luke saying his line about a Jedi’s weapon, but the cut itself is jarring.

-Hate Luke saying he stayed on Jakku because he was afraid

-“If you don’t, it’ll mean the end of the Jedi” sounds really garbly

-It’s weird for Poe & Finn to look at each other, walk off…and then come back to hug each other 10 seconds later.

-I don’t like the cut to black between the tri hugging & Kylo in the ocean, it feels out of place. But I do like how Leia’s body disappears after he throws his lightsaber away.

-I still see a residual orange glow around Rey’s purple lightsaber

-Thanks for cutting out the old woman, but the music is cut off.

-I like the idea of ending with everyone in the Falcon, but no one seems happy to see each other or looking off towards the future. It’s obvious this isn’t the final shot of the film. Maybe put it before they fly off into the binary sunset?

Still though, this edit has great bones to it. Looking forward to V2!


Thanks for the input, Darth Raditz.

The timing of the crawl is slightly off. This was one element I outsourced to another editor who volunteered to create it for me. The crawl came up a few seconds short, so I had to run it at a slightly slower speed which causes it to be a little off. Creating my own crawl isn’t something I’ve attempted.

I felt removing Mustafar reduced the breakneck pacing as I felt we were no longer visiting so many worlds in so short a time at the beginning.

In the Exegol opening, Palpatine’s dialogue was unfortunately in the surround channels rather than just the center as with most dialogue. I reduced it as much as I could and felt what remained was as much ominous background noise as actual dialogue.

I did initially use quick cuts with the fan film, but felt it needed some effect to symbolize that it being in Kylo’s mind.

I kept Pryde and Hux talking about their capture because it hints at Chewie still being alive without showing him to us immediately.

I like your idea for muting Zorii’s line and just having her point her gun at Poe. I hadn’t considered that.

The lines “You sent down the ship,” “find Poe,” and “Finn, we gotta go. It’s Leia,” were all cut together using the individual words from different lines. Unfortunately the only audio editor I have at my disposal is the free Audacity which is fairly limited. It can only manipulate pitch and speed very minimally before it sounds obviously processed. A professional audio editor could do a much better job at bringing the cadences closer together but I’m not about to spend $100 just to clean up a couple lines of dialogue.

I’d have to take a closer look at your sequencing for Kylo sensing Leia’s death.

I thought about cutting the horses as I’m not crazy about them, but they are in the background of too many shots to completely remove them, so without the initial foreground footage, it would just feel weird having horses randomly running around on a Star Destroyer in the background for no reason.

I was planning to create a new version that would have mostly been about improving many of the technical issues you pointed out, but honestly, I have lost interest in trying to salvage this film. I have come to terms with how bad this film is and letting Star Wars take a much reduced role in my life. I really can’t say when or even if I will sit down and work on this project again. For now other projects have taken priority.

Thank you everyone for your help, input, and feedback over the last few years.


Hey, could I get a link for this? I’d really appreciate it ☺️


I’d like a link too please!