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A Flash of Spoofs (Released)


I am going to be compiling flash (swf) spoofs for a DVD release I am working on. There are a few that I loved and thought they needed to be put together on one release. I have a bunch of spoofs, but I am interested in what others have come across and really liked. There are about a million flash spoofs, but i would like to compile the best for this project. Star Dudes is what inspired me to do this (so obviously it will be included), and the ones over at starwarsspoofs dot com are also pretty cool. Others include pulp phantom, trooper clerks, and more. I am working on a few other things right now, but I wanted to throw this idea out there to everyone and see if there were ones in particular you would really like to see included.

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This is a cool idea!

I would be sure to get the three Christmas themed swf movies that were made available at the official site several years ago. There was "Holiday At The Fetts," one with the Wampa, and one with Geonosis as a toy factory.

A few others I've found online that I like include:

-- Rob Stangroom's "The Jedi Song" music video
-- Weird Al's "I Think I'm A Clone Now" fan made music video (with clone troopers)
-- Bentframe's "Star Wars Gangsta Rap" music video
-- "The Bounty Hunters Talk Back" - interviews with the Bounty Hunters from the classic trilogy
-- "Star Wars Toys That Never Were" - funny toy proposals

Star Wars: Bounty Hunter - Beyond The Game 2.0

Star Wars: Bounty Hunter - Beyond The Game

Do you have these saved, galactus? i have the ones listed under others. but i don't have the ones from the official site. shoot me an email about these sometime. i'll look for them in the meantime

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Sounds like a cool project. I saw Bentframe's "Star Wars Gangsta Rap" music video back in the day, but I haven't seen most of the others listed. Are there links to "Trooper Clerks" and "Pulp Phantom"?
Originally posted by: ThrowgnCpr
in case you haven't found them by now...

I found an episode of Pulp Phantom but hadn't seen Trooper Clerks. TC was great, and all I have to say about PP episode 10 is "Wassup?" LOL!

Thanks for the links.

I would have to check (at home) to see how many I have so far. Some of them contain several parts which will be edited into one. Pulp Phantom for instance is 18 parts and I will edit that into one film with chapter stops at each part. There are a bunch over at the Star Wars spoofs web page too. These will all be made for a DVD video so you can enjoy it on your TV. I have converted some so far. The quality is pretty good since most flash files are in vector form. Converting them is pretty easy, although sometimes the audio can be a pain in the ass to sync up if the audio is broken into small chunks instead of one continuous track.

I would like to get enough to fill up a SL DVD. I am sure there is still room for some more. I also have some making of stuff to add as bonus material.

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i may be getting this done sooner than thought. i am finishing editing pulp phantom now. its over an hour long!!! there is going to be some cool viewer interaction incorporated into the movie and some funny bonus stuff.

so this may be somewhat of a last call for any suggestions on what you would like to see on this DVD.

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This one is done. It will be a dual layer disc and will be uploaded to rapidshare this weekend. There may be a single layer release too, if the quality doesnt suck. Overall, I think the DVD turned out pretty cool. There is lots of fun stuff on here and there is 1 easter egg hidden on the disc.

here is some of the info listed in the nfo file in the DVD_ROM folder:

TCSW004 - Star Wars: A Flash of Spoofs

Author: ThrowgnCpr
Video Format: MPEG2/724x480/4x3/NTSC
Source: flash animations (.swf files)
Dual Layer Format
Artwork: case insert and disc label located in DVD_ROM folder


My intent with this release was to compile and present a lot of the great star wars spoofs that have been created in flash media. There are so many out there, that I tried to narrow it down to the ones I thought were the best, along with suggestions from and the OT. There is a lot to navigate through and bonus stuff is scattered throughout.

Here is a list of the films included:

Star Dudes (Episodes 1,3,4,&5)
Pulp Phantom (All 18 episodes)
everything from (16 shorts)
Star Wars - Console Wars (1 & 2)
Star Wars bunnies
The bounty hunters talk back
The Lost Scene
Rise of the Sith
The Jedi Song
BaaBaa Imperial Sheep
Clones in Love
Star Wars Gangsta Rap
Gobstar - Star Wars Toys
Stick Wars (1 & 2) X-mas cards
Trooper Clerks
Weird Al - I Think IÆm a Clone Now

There are trailers, slideshow galleries, and making-of featurettes throughout the disc for several of the films. There is also an easter egg located on the disc. Most of the flash animations did not have user interaction in them, so it made it more manageable to incorporate into a DVD Video release. I have edited all 18 episodes of Pulp Phantom into 1 film (there was some interaction about halfway into it, so I tried to deal with that in a fun way. You'll see!) I replaced the crappy tinny audio on the Weird Al video with audio from the CD. As you well know, the audio on flash animations can be extremely bad at times, and transitions usually blow too. I have tried to fix a few problem spots without having to recreate the audio from scratch for a lot of the films.

There is a DVD_ROM folder with:
- artwork for the disc and case.
- Wallpapers
- Icons
- Movie Posters
- Concept art
- And all the original flash animations!!

ThrowgnCpr's Star Wars Releases:

TCSW001 - Star Wars Lego Edition
TCSW002 - Revenge of the Spoofs
TCSW003 - Legacy Revealed
TCSW004 - A Flash of Spoofs

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will this one be getting a torrent release?

The Sith Revealed - A Scrapbook
Episode III The Video Game - The Movie
24: The Missing Day
Star Wars - The Interactive Board Game DVD
Battlefront - Journal of the 501st
The Clones Revealed

email me for details daveytod AT btinternet DOT com


i hadnt thought about it. we could probably do that if enough people are willing to seed. I wasnt planning on sending a bunch of copies out. but if anyone grabbed this from RS, let me know

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Is there a PIF chain? The appears to be down, and I can't resume my downloads
Please PM me if this is possible - Thanks!
Whoops - fanedit is back up.
But is there a PIF chain?