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2001 vs Interstellar (Released)


Music used:

Opening credits--


(This seems to work quite well)


Fly me to the Moon--

1.Entering Endurance

2. Chasing the Drone

3. I'm Going Home

4. Imperfect Contact

5. No Need to Come Back

(I wanted the track following I'm Going Home to have darker tones, but I think it was a mistake using Imperfect Contact, as its too intense. Maybe Day One? Not sure)


Space Horror--

1. Coward

(will need ambient/audio foley work)


Forced Entry--

1.Day One Dark

(will need recutting at the end to fix the door burst)


I Can Feel It--

1.Where We're Going


Spinning Stargate Dock

1.No Time for Caution (fanmade temp)


(The fanmade stuff are actually better than the official release for No Time for Caution, still waiting for the perfect one. This sequence will need recutting. Detach fits very well tho)

This seems to be the best fanedit of Docking at this point:



Any feedback appreciated thanks