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Color Grading and Color Correction Article on FE
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7-Oct-2016, 7:10 PM

TV’s Frink said:

Hey guys, we (well not me) are working on an article on FE and could use some more examples of Color Grading and Color Correction. See below for original post over there:

I’m starting to pull together some clips and resources to talk about color grading, color correction, the difference between the two, and the impact that a colorist has on the emotional tone of a film. I’ll use this stuff in the first part of the video before I go into the mechanics of how to change color.

examples of heavily graded films (intentional extreme color):
O’Brother Where Art Thou
Mad Max: Fury Road
Schindler’s List

examples of films that have been regraded after theatrical release (where “color correction” can be used for preservation purposes)
The Matrix
Lord of the Rings trilogy
The French Connection

Classic modern orange/teal examples:
Star Trek Into Darkness
Transformers - Revenge of the Fallen
The Imitation Game
Hot Tub Time Machine

More examples would be appreciated.

Quick question TVF - I’m guessing this is the article that ThrowgnCpr was recently proposing to do over there? But I can’t seem to find the post that you’ve quoted above, so can you let me know what forum section it was posted on please? Thanks.

By the way, I haven’t got enough time to rant on about my own thoughts on the wholesale re-colouration of some of my favourite movies over the years at the moment (either deliberately by certain directors, or carelessly when transferred to blu-ray)…but there’s a heap of maddening info. to be going on with in this old thread for starters -