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10th Anniversary of the "GOUT" dvd release
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19-Sep-2016, 7:29 PM
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MathUser said:

CatBus said:

Past Lucasfilm releases have always been an exercise in how to get the most money from the least amount of effort. In the extremely unlikely scenario Lucasfilm issues a new improved OOT home video release, er, ever, it’s going to have the 81 crawl, the 93 audio, effed up colors, and degrain/regrain, at the very least–and likely some horrifying audio remastering as well, because that’s the established workflow and changing that would require effort. Access to the original negative only matters if you care about the film.

I dunno about that, for the SE they actually recreated a scene and refilmed it. And for the DVD releases of 1-3 they actually went back and added special effects to deleted scenes. This lead to many fanedits including them.

Oh, they put plenty of effortenthusiasm into changing stuff, don’t get me wrong. When there’s no budget for re-scanning negatives, or fixing the color grading, your staff will definitely find stuff to keep themselves occupied–going out into a parking lot and yelling for Obi-Wan, that sort of thing. But that stuff is really not even peripherally related to what’s needed to get a quality film transfer for home video. And while I haven’t spent a lot of time examining every altered scene in detail, I have seen definite signs that even when they put some effort into a change, they were often pretty sloppy and cheap about it. Maybe not every single job gets shortchanged like that, but historically, Star Wars releases have never come off as top quality releases. At least in my opinion, of course.

Also, as this was regarding a theoretical OOT release, re-filming scenes and adding special effects would actually be pretty much the worst possible thing they could do, regardless of how much effort went into it.