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Rogue One * Spoilers * Thread
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2-Sep-2016, 7:43 PM

MalàStrana said:

canofhumdingers said:

WAAAAAAAAY better than ROTS! Thank goodness!

I don’t quite see the difference with ROTS for the suit. The helmet I get it, but the suit ?

Well, for one his body looks way to small for the armor. The chest box is attached to the leather suit with no straps (and once again has different button/light colors). The belt has some minor differences. The shoulder &a chest armor is an all new one-piece design that doesn’t look as cool and doesn’t allow him to actually raise his arms. It’s also much wider than Hayden’s actual shoulders in an attempt to give Vader the proper shape/size.

Over all the the ROTS suit is just a weird thing that doesn’t get the “feel” of the classic Vader suits thanks to a lot of the updates and modernizations. And it also has a weirdness from trying to make a person who’s clearly too small fill out a larger person’s armor.