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Enter The Dragon - Theatrical Version Preservation (Released)
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27-Aug-2016, 4:02 AM
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27-Aug-2016, 4:47 AM
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kazoo3 said:

I’m back again if anyone is interesting in having the original theatrical cut i’ll be uploading it to

From what I understand of the transfer it’s similar to the DVD versions, The colors are quite literally all over the place with thick Magenta, yellow/red and Cyan hues. Bad drops of video gain, gamma and value and also brightness and contrast issues.

Serious issue with Blue Gamma and contrast also is noteworthy.

I will be uploading the final parts of my edit which can be found here for streaming only at this time.

If you want to compare the 2 go ahead. I spent hundreds of hours color correcting and remixing the sound with a few alterations to scene orders and extra footage not in the theatrical version or the special edition. Fixed missing frames and sizing issues and the film slipping out of the scanner and other problems where the shot is full frame but not cropped. I fixed all the jump cuts and I also fixed some audio synch problems.

I may need to go over it briefly again if I decide to release it so it is for streaming only at this point. I might also upscale it. Not sure I am quite finished with it yet. I am letting the dust settle on it.

The project is now deleted but I have a cut that I can adjust from this point. The last parts will be up for streaming Sunday or Monday which means I will be deleting the parts that are currently up at this time.

And any version as of the 25th anniversary The spatial cleaning is so much everybody looks like plastic. So it’s not an option.