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Batman v Superman: The Third Alternative (Released)
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18-Aug-2016, 2:46 PM

SkywalkerFan01 said:

JustDC said:

Also, part of me feels this film may benefit greatly from introducing Bruce Wayne at the LexCorp event, but I also feel his POV of the Metropolis destruction is integral to his motivations for hating superman so much. Also I don’t know if that would work well or not. I would like to see it if anyone could pull it off though. I think this film suffers from switching back and forth between Batman/Bruce’s story and Superman/Clark’s. If it were focused more on Superman I think it would help the pacing a lot.

You’ve given me an idea (that I hope Aluminum will consider since I have NO editing skill), what if instead of showing the last part of Bruce in Metropolis saving the girl as the nightmare, we’re left wondering why Bruce hates Superman up until he has that whole opening sequence as a PTSD nightmare.

Another idea we could add to this is instead of having him save the little girl, we see the large metal thing (don’t remember what it’s called) coming towards the screen and that being what abrubtly wakes Bruce up from the nightmare, with the implication being that the little girl was killed in front of him, which gives him even MORE hate towards Superman.

So, what do you guys think?

I really like that. But what if we used the entire Metropolis destruction in place of the nightmare instead? I always liked the idea of the girl surviving but her mom being killed in the destroyed building. I always thought it was more powerful in that it’s suggesting Superman’s aftermath has destroyed families. We could introduce Bruce at Lex’s event, where it’s already obvious he dislikes Superman, flashback to Metropolis during the encryption and it would give some exposition.