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The Aluminum Falcon
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Batman v Superman: The Third Alternative (Released)
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18-Aug-2016, 2:41 PM

JustDC said:

*In the intro, I feel it would be a good idea to leave batman saving the girl and embracing her where it was instead of in place of the nightmare sequence. You could skip past the encrypting sequence altogether. Go from “starting encryption” to the Lexcorp logo. Just skip the percentage screen.

I think this is a pretty solid suggestion. The intro as-is in the edit doesn’t work, and this seems like the more obvious fix. SkywalkerFan01 does propose something different though, down below, which I personally lean towards a tad more.

*During Batman’s intro at 17:58-59 I think it would be a good idea to obscure batman from vision as to retain the mystery behind him this early on. I saw another editor do this and it worked really well. Just cut to him running away on the ceiling or whatever haha. It always seemed odd to me that he just stood there silently while the officer looked at him.

Was this the edit that color corrected the corner, so it was harder to see Batman? If so, I like that idea.

*Lois going to Africa feels a bit rushed but I don’t know if there’s anyway to fix that.

Like you say, it would be hard to tweak it more with existing footage. I do like that it seems Classic Superman, though, that Lois would intrepidly rush off into a dangerous situation with Clark warning her, only to necessitate a later save by a smiling Superman.

*I love the flashback after the Martha namedrop

Wish I could take credit, but that was in the theatrical cut already! 😄

*It might’ve just been me but the doomsday fight felt a tiny bit rushed. Not really a big deal and I love how you kept it on earth.

Still goes on a bit too long for me, but perhaps that’s personal preference. 😃

*Still not sure how I feel about “Is she with you” line. Take it out and it’s like “Ok well I guess Wonder Woman’s here now.” Leave it in and you’re left thinking that he literally just met her 45 minutes ago. But it definitely works better now that you took out the whole email exchange between the two.

Yeah, I tried to retain whatever humor I could. God knows that some levity is needed, but in context, it is a bit non-sensical.