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STAR WARS: the alt.binaries.starwars thread
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24-Mar-2005, 7:57 AM
lol - I've been a master of bit torrent for a couple of years, yet always heard of the riches offered by newsgroups - damn thing is I haven't a clue on how to go about getting to the premier stuff @ star wars newsgroup. Basically I've been obtaining my re-edits via torrent and would like to get into the realm of newgroups!

I'm on AOL in the UK and it would seem they've abolished their newsgroup reader - they link to 'google groups' which features usenet but the alt.binaries isn't in there - basically I'm a fish out of water - could someone enlighten me either here or via PM on how his business works - some browsing of yahoo search results for 'alt.bin...' leads me 2 various dead ends

How do I subscribe? Is it necessary to pay the $s for a quality service? What's it like in the UK?

I'll edit the heck out of this when I know what's going on - soz if I appear like a flake lol