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Star Wars: Heir to the Force (TFA edit) Released
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5-Aug-2016, 10:16 AM
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Hal 9000 said:

To clarify, I am not a proponent of using the Alec Guiness impression over McGregor.
It’s fine, but no, it wasn’t me who suggested it.

I prefer Alec Guinness’s voice over Ewan McGregor’s for that scene because not only does it fit better with the OT and parallel him saying to Luke “You’ve taken your first step into a larger world”, but it fits with him saying “Rey.” just before. Now he says “Rey, these are your first steps.” instead of it sounding like two different voices. Ewan McGregor’s performance as Obi-Wan is great though. Thanks Hal, I think someone did suggest the idea on another thread but I’m not sure who.