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Captain America Civil War Rogue Edit!
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4-Aug-2016, 3:28 AM
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12-Sep-2018, 9:19 PM
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My goal is to improve the overall narrative of civil war with the following changes. Will have Offical artwork, BD50/digital/DVD release and uploaded to regular channels.

Here is the Offical Cutlist:
(Please comment thoughts before first work print)


  1. HD Cam Copy
  2. HD Telecince Copy
  3. DVD Screener
  4. Offical Blu Ray


-Captain Americas suit has been color corrected frame by frame to a red-Orange dynamic. Original suit was pathetic.
-photoshopped Star Trek poster into Peter Parkers room. Helps connect to later scene 😉

  • rescored entire film with Parks and Rec Intro Song
    -Will Smith and Clint Eastwood now have cameos in said film.
    -Restructered film so that the final fight happens first then the airport scene finishes the movie. Helps build narrative flow and now the airport scene is no longer the appetizer but it’s now the dessert.
    -Added flashbacks with purple tint from “The Incredible Hulk” for increased emotional resonance.
    -Altered color scheme
    -Altered shadow casting
    -Altered Lighting Levels
    -Vision dies in Siberia

Please leave comments below for any suggestions guys 😃 I really hope you like my overall ideas. I’m kind of going for a GoTG, TDK, Ex Machina, Birdman, Transformers 3, Spotlight, Spiderman 5 kinda tone.