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Star Wars: Heir to the Force (TFA edit) Released
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3-Aug-2016, 2:39 PM
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5-Aug-2016, 4:21 PM
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DigMod said:

Thanks for the feedback OTFan!

I like the Alec Guinness idea. Are you the uploader of the video? I’m assuming the lines come from A New Hope when Obi-Wan is talking to Luke on the Falcon after practicing with the remote?

The Threepio lines would be hard to implement based on Marc Thompson’s somewhat overzealous voice performance. I do like the idea of trying to add some reasoning to the scene, but I think just having Threepio show up and give his lines fits the mood of the film a little more. Your audio clip could be inserted during the first scenes of Artoo, which I’ve omitted for now, to indicate that Artoo is infact on the case throughout. This could make the interchange between the droids at the end a little more meaningful.

I’ll mull it around in the melon and see if I can implement your requests 😃

Thanks OTFan!

No, I’m not the uploader of the video. I think Hal 9000 may have actually suggested using it for an edit of TFA on another thread. According to the uploader, it’s a fan voice over that just sounds like Alec Guinness. If you do end up using it, I suggest giving credit to DJ Mitz, for uploading it. I agree that Threepio’s line in the film fits better with the mood of the scene. I do like the idea of putting in the first scene with Artoo, though. Thanks