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The Last Son of Krypton (Season One)
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Night has passed and a new day has begun. With the blizzard over, Jonathan gets in his truck and begins moving up the long driveway which will get him onto the road into town. He only gets a fourth of the way up the driveway, however, before his wheels sink into the heavy sheet of fresh-fallen snow, refusing to go any further.


JONATHAN: (frustrated) Sonuva— (shifts gears) Let’s try that again.

The engine roars and the tires spin, but the vehicle refuses to proceed any further through the fresh, glittering snow.

JONATHAN: (sighs) Wonderful.


Martha is sitting cross-legged on the floor, playing with the baby, when Jonathan walks in.

JONATHAN: The truck got stuck in the snow and I can’t get it out. We won’t be going into town for a while.

MARTHA: So we’re in for the long haul.

JONATHAN: We’re well stocked up. We’ll keep 'til spring.

As Martha looks upon the baby boy crawling about the carpeted floor, he looks up at her and gives her a big, toothless smile.

MARTHA: From your lips to God’s ears, Jonathan.


As February gives way to March with nary a thaw, Jonathan works to keep the animals fed and the firewood stocked while Martha attends to the needs of the boy. Day after day, week after week, both Martha and Jonathan find themselves growing evermore attached to the child.


It is now late March and the sky is a clear, sunny blue. Jonathan makes his way to the truck.

JONATHAN: (rests hand on truck) Well, girl, let’s see how the elements’ been to you.

Turning the crank, he then slips inside and turns the key, automatically bringing the engine to life. Shifting gears, he backs up.


Martha is at the table, feeding the giggling baby boy, as Jonathan strides in. Putting the spoon in her hand down, Martha turns to her husband.

JONATHAN: The snow’s receded, Martha. I’ll be able to … to take the child into town. Sheriff Miller’ll know what to do for him there.

Returning to the child, Martha takes a napkin and cleans his mouth.

MARTHA: You’re right. After all, we can’t keep him. It’d be irrational. Hell, it’d be insane. A baby boy fell from the sky; we just can’t keep him. (beat) Even if it was monstrous for someone to put a child in a bombshell….

JONATHAN: Martha….

MARTHA: (cont’d) Even if the Birches are on their fourth and I … (crying) and I can’t keep a child.

Overwhelmed by her emotions, Martha walks out of the room.



Collapsing onto the couch, Martha stares into space as tears stream down her face. Joining her, Jonathan places an arm around her shoulder.

JONATHAN: Good Lord, Martha, do you realize what you’re asking that we do? We don’t even know if he … if he’s from here. We don’t know —

MARTHA: (faces him) No, we don’t. We don’t know where he came from or if anyone will come for him, but if there’s anyone who might stand a chance to do right by that child, come what may, it’s you and me. Don’t … don’t you just know it? (beat) Don’t we deserve a chance to try?

Rising, Martha leaves Jonathan and walks over to a liquor cabinet. Opening it up, she takes a tall bottle of whiskey and a pair of glasses. Taking a seat in the armchair, she places the glasses and bottle down on a small table beside it.

JONATHAN: What’s the whiskey for?

MARTHA: (fills a glass) If we decide to keep the child, I’m going to pour you a glass and we’re going to celebrate. If we don’t … whiskey’s more convenient and less painful than a log to the head. (beat) While you take him into town, I’ll be doing everything in my power to forget the last several weeks ever happened.

As Martha takes a sip of her whiskey, Jonathan sits there, looking on her with brow furrowed in thought. Moments pass, then he gets up. Crossing over to her, he takes up the bottle of whiskey and the empty glass.

JONATHAN: I don’t want to be called “pop” — I’m not an old man. (fills glass) “Pa” has a nice ring to it.

Her face lighting up with a full grin, Martha raises her glass. Returning her grin with a smile, he brings up his own glass, clinking it against hers in a toast to their new parenthood.


A lean, balding man in thick glasses stands before the front counter as Helen wraps a bouquet of flowers for him. Once she has finished securing the wrapping paper in place, she brings the bundle of beautiful flowers to the front and presents them to her waiting customer.

HELEN: That’ll be $1.30.

As he hands her the money, she hands him the flowers.

DAN: You have a good day, Helen.

HELEN: You too, Dan.

As Dan leaves the counter and walks out the door, another customer — a short woman with shoulder-length blond hair — walks in. With barely contained enthusiasm, she strides up to the counter.

HELEN: Hi, Rose. What can I do for you today?

ROSE GREER: (grins) Did you hear the news?

HELEN: What news?

ROSE GREER: The Kents came in today.

HELEN: The Kents? What about them?

ROSE GREER: Y’know that storm last month? The big one?

HELEN: The one that toppled the tree in my sister’s backyard. What of it?

ROSE GREER: It snowed in the Kents’ farm somethin’ fierce — buried it beneath a quilt of snow. That’s why they haven’t been in town since it hit.


ROSE GREER: You won’t believe what’s happened.

HELEN: (loses patience) Well out with it!

ROSE GREER: They had a baby!

HELEN: (taken aback) A baby?

ROSE GREER: Uh-huh. Looks like Jon put the bun in her oven some months back. (beat) You remember the ugly business with the miscarriages and that stillbirth —

HELEN: Yes, of course.

ROSE GREER: (cont’d) Well, they decided to keep it hush-hush — you know, just in case it didn’t keep. (beat) Anyway, Martha delivered a baby boy while cooped up in that there farm. He’s got the most gorgeous blue eyes.

HELEN: You’ve seen him?

ROSE GREER: Well, no — that’s why I came to see you. I thought you’d like to pay Jon and Martha a visit with me.

HELEN: Why, certainly. (smiles thinly) Why not?


Having arrived together, Helen and Rose walk up the porch steps to the front door. Rose brings up her closed fist, announcing their presence with three quick raps on the wood door. A moment passes, then Jonathan answers the door.

JONATHAN: (stoic) Hel. (happier) Rose!

Leaning forward, he gives both women a hug. He doesn’t linger too long with Helen.

JONATHAN: You came to see the baby?

ROSE GREER: (grins) But of course. Can we come in?

JONATHAN: Follow me into the living room.

With no further need of persuasion on his part, the two women enter the Kent home.


As Jonathan leads Helen and Rose inside, we find several family members and friends gathered around Martha, who sits on the armchair with the baby boy bundled up in her arms. As Rose and Helen approach the mother and child, their mouths fall agape.

HELEN: Martha … the boy …

ROSE GREER: He’s beautiful.

MARTHA: (beams) Thank you.

Standing at Martha’s side, Jonathan rests a hand on her shoulder.

JONATHAN: Helen Potter, Rose Greer, meet Clark Joseph Kent.

As the two women look down upon them. Clark meets their gaze and, smiling a wide, toothless smile, releases a giggle of delight.