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What do you want to happen in the the rest of the ST?
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10-Jul-2016, 5:52 PM

yhwx said:

Darth Id said:

yhwx said:

To my recollection that’s never happened in any Star Wars movie, and there’s no such precedent for such a thing happening. Doesn’t feel Star Wars-y to me.

Yes, because who would want to see new, unprecedented things happen in a sequel?

Yeah, but there are certain things that feel like Star Wars and things that don’t. This crosses the don’t line for me.

Didn’t happen but was planned to happen. It’s the reason Darth Vader has a breathing mask, and Anakin’s fall might be very different if the design wasn’t change to fit the story of the first Star Wars (could’ve been a bland grey suit; don’t buy the bullshit that George had everything planned out because Darth Vader was basically a religious Nazi enforcer in the first Star Wars and nothing more).

Star Wars fans have gotten incredibly close-minded since the prequels. I understand why, but man has it gotten old. You’d think after Rebels and the Force Awakens, people would stop craving the same. If Episode 8 was the Empire Strikes Back again, maybe this would change.

I too am glad that the topic has switched from bashing me to on topic.