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8-Jul-2016, 6:40 AM

ferris209 said:

I always try to live by the teachings of Mr. Rogers, so at least I’m seeing lots of heroes in this whole deal. Every one of them are wearing a badge. I’ve also seen some clearly shocked, perhaps in shock, protestors interviewed by the media who appear to be dumbfounded, and I believe questioning some of their own beliefs, after witnessing the large mass of of cops who rushed toward the gunfire to protect them while many others lead them to safety and acted as human shields to keep them safe. So maybe some good can come of this when many of protestors realize that perhaps the vast majority of cops are genuinely good people who are willing to lose their lives protecting EVERY person.

All I know is my brushes with the law have always been because of my own fault. And I was always treated with respect. And right now I feel really bad about what’s happening. It’s got to be a hell of a hard time being a cop facing these kinds of risks and always getting it right each time. Getting blamed by everyone. And still having to stand strong and protect the ones doing the blaming.

I’m so glad you’re Ok man. I feel heartbroken for the fact of your fallen comrades. I don’t know how this will all end. But I’m praying this gets us all into the right kind of place to think about things fairly. I don’t know.

Peace Ferris.