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What do you want to happen in the the rest of the ST?
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5-Jul-2016, 3:29 PM

TV’s Frink said:

BillionaireHobo287 said:

Frank your Majesty said:

This thread is called what do you want to happen not how you want it to happen. Just list the main plot points of your script here and the whole thing in the proper subforum. I know it’s not frequented that much, but that’s probably because most people don’t want to read the walls of text that such stories usually are. Forcing these walls of text on us here is highly annoying.

Same thing. I actually already did that though. Sorry. If somebody critiques my third draft (which I’ve edited to hell) and tells me how to improve my writing, I will never post stories here again

This is like my daughters promising to go to bed if I give them a second dessert.

Third draft sucks. No more fanfiction.