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"Reyncarnation" Theory
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4-Jul-2016, 6:35 PM
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Density said:

Putting on my serious face for a second, I have actually seen no anime, except maybe a couple episodes of Pokemon years ago if that counts. But I have less than zero interest in it, so… Knock yourselves out if you like it.

Watch the first 3 minutes of this, , and if you aren’t hooked, anime doesn’t fit you. Brothers try to ressurect their mother, and awful shit happens. The English acting is one of the best in the business too, so that helps.

If you are hooked, watch the entire original series then move on to a reboot called Brotherhood. It was all available on Netflix, but it might not be there anymore.

EDIT: What you are judging from FUCKING POKEMON (shit series even in the beginning) is the equivalent of a Japanese person thinking American cinema sucks just from watching Michael Bay’s Transformers movies despite Pixar, Star Wars, the Godfather Part I and II, Casablanca, Vertigo, Citizen Kane, etc. I admit I only like the Fullmetal Alchemist series, Attack on Titan, and the Avatar series because I haven’t seen much of it, but there are some insane anime movies out there. There are things you can do in animation that are impossible in live action.

Yeah, popular anime tends to suck, but just look at Transformers and Twilight.