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Army of Darkness | Television Cut Reconstruction - HD (* unfinished project *)
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1-Jul-2016, 8:49 PM

jedimasterobiwan said:
ridgeshark when it comes to which footage to use. use the 4k transfer international cut footage with good bad i’m the guy with the gun line the theatrical ending and the tv scenes and the director’s cut footage.

Once I’m done picking out the frames, I’ll consider each transfer and see what works best with the tv scenes. One of my main goals is to make the transition to the upscaled SD scenes as seamless as possible. It may be that the older HD transfer of the Director’s Cut is more up to the job. We’ll see.

jephyork said:

The aspect ratio will be cropped to match the blu-rays.

Aww. I’m a little disappointed to hear this, since the open-matte nature of the TV cut is one of its biggest appeals to me. Then again, I suppose I understand it – since your only other option is to restore every single frame of the Koch version manually, and that’s a pain in the tuchus.

You speak much truth, Jeph. 😉 Maybe we’ll get lucky and a NTSC region somewhere in the world will do an appropriate release of the TV Cut.

How do you plan to delete the SciFi logo?

Thankfully that will be easy. I’ll just patch in the plain Koch back over that spot. It will be unnoticeable.

jedimasterobiwan said:

Too bad the deleted scenes and the scenes from the tv cut couldn’t have been remastered in hd by shout 😦

I love Shout and typically defend their work, but this was a letdown. Universal has a very good looking SD NTSC master of the tv cut and it looks great upscaled. I’ll give them the benefit of a doubt - It may have been a budget or deadline issue? At least they corrected the issues with the US Theatrical and International Cuts. Unfortunately, the TV Cut is more unknown and a lesser priority.