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Army of Darkness | Television Cut Reconstruction - HD
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1-Jul-2016, 9:10 AM
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1-Jul-2016, 9:11 AM
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Ridgeshark knows a thing or two about the several dozen releases of this film. 😉 I’m sure he’ll use the best available version of each shot.

The aspect ratio will be cropped to match the blu-rays.

Aww. I’m a little disappointed to hear this, since the open-matte nature of the TV cut is one of its biggest appeals to me. Then again, I suppose I understand it – since your only other option is to restore every single frame of the Koch version manually, and that’s a pain in the tuchus.

I’m still ecstatic that I can extract vertical resolution from the SciFi Recording and then place it into the Koch. I had no idea such a thing was possible. It’s a huge help to the upscaling process.

This is, indeed, astoundingly cool. How do you plan to delete the SciFi logo?