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Army of Darkness | Television Cut Reconstruction - HD (* unfinished project *)
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29-Jun-2016, 5:19 PM

RidgeShark said:

Good to see you too Jeph!

The aspect ratio will be cropped to match the blu-rays. What’s great is that the Koch release has a bit more picture info on the left and right sides when compared to my old SciFi recording, so the cropping will be less severe than it was on the PSE. Additionally, I will slowly degrade the surrounding footage so the jump in quality will be much less jarring, or hopefully not jarring at all. I’ve already figured out the proper resolution decrease and blurring to make the HD Director’s Cut look just like the TV Cut. So a slow fade from HD to lower res, and then vice versa should suffice. I’m excited to play with that when I get some time.

And generally, I’m still ecstatic that I can extract vertical resolution from the SciFi Recording and then place it into the Koch. I had no idea such a thing was possible. It’s a huge help to the upscaling process.

ridgeshark when it comes to which footage to use. use the 4k transfer international cut footage with good bad i’m the guy with the gun line the theatrical ending and the tv scenes and the director’s cut footage.