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What is your personal canon?
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27-Jun-2016, 1:43 AM
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Tier 1: G-canon
Episodes I-VI and their screenplays, deleted scenes, novelizations and radio dramas (when not contradicting the final film) and official reference guides (Visual Dictionaries, Incredible Cross-Sections, etc)

Everything else comes from this and bends before it.

Tier 2.1:
Sequel Trilogy and Anthology films, The Clone Wars and Rebels television series, post-Legends novels and comics, official reference material

Current Lucasfilm canon since 2014.

Tier 2.2:
2003 Clone Wars microseries, Bantam-era novels, pre-Legacy Del Rey novels, '70s-'80s Marvel and newspaper comics, Dark Horse comics, Droids animated series, Essential Guides.

Most of the Expanded Universe, separate continuity.

Tier 3:
Legacy-era novels and comics, Junior Jedi Knights, Ewoks movies and animated series, KOTOR comics, Dawn of the Jedi, The Old Republic.

I won’t outright reject their existence as part of the EU but I don’t much care for them and don’t really think of them as part of the GFFA’s history. My personal S-canon.


Jedi Prince novels, The Force Unleashed (both), 2013 Star Wars comic book,
I don’t like these and don’t consider them canon.