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Army of Darkness | Television Cut Reconstruction - HD (* unfinished project *)
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26-Jun-2016, 4:23 AM

May have made an interesting discovery. It appears the Koch DVD was vertically blurred, similar to the GOUT DVDs, to hide aliasing. My SciFi recording is lower resolution, but was not vertically blurred, so some horizontal lines and details are preserved better in the SciFi recording, despite it being generally inferior looking to the Koch. Modifying an AviSynth script I found for extracting grain and reinserting it later, I think I found a way to reinsert that missing vertical resolution.


This avisynth script goes like this:

grain1=mt_makediff(Blur(0,1.58).Blur(0,1.58)) #this extracts vertical resolution details

mt_adddiff(grain1) #this adds the extracted vertical resolution details to a different source

You’ll notice in the bottom right you can slightly see the SciFi Channel logo being added into the Koch image.

Although not 100% perfect, it appears to restore more detail than it takes away. Definitely requires perfect 1:1 alignment between sources. Not really needed anymore for Star Wars, but this would have been useful for taking vertical resolution detail from the Star Wars laserdiscs and adding back to the blurred GOUT.