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Army of Darkness | Television Cut Reconstruction - HD (* unfinished project *)
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24-Jun-2016, 4:40 PM

This is my favorite cut of the film - my Primitive Screwhead Edition was essentially an extended version of this cut - so this is something I’ve been wanting to do for a while, but the sources out there have been very unsatisfactory. As far as I know, the tv cut has only been released commercially by two companies (please correct me if this is wrong):

  1. Koch - An interlaced PAL DVD badly converted from a good looking NTSC source (much better than my SciFi channel recording). The playback has almost unnoticeable back and forth speed shifts. Even a short scene will not line up at all on a timeline with my old SciFi recording. AviSynth SRestore added to a deinterlaced 50p version of this produces unusable results.

  2. Scream Factory - It appears they simply took the Koch PAL DVD itself and did an extra poor conversion to NTSC. It has the same MPEG-2 blocking as the Koch DVD, but the resolution appears to have been further reduced and looks very poor.

So what appears to work here is to use a deinterlaced 50p version of the Koch and to go through and weed out unnecessary frames manually and make sure it matches my SciFi recording. I almost have the first tv-cut exclusive scene finished with this method and it looks very nice. But this is hugely time consuming (what I wouldn’t give for a high quality copy of the SD master!).

In the end, these scenes in addition to a high def copy of the Director’s Cut and Theatrical Cut will be used to help reconstruct the tv cut in HD. Audio will be taken from my recording the SciFi broadcast.